My Happy Place (La biblioteca)

It is quiet
I can have noise if I want
headphones in
the sounds of metal
or piano,
or rain,
and around the scent of age
dusty pages
that I will never read
but in the center of them
still enjoy immensely
stacked up high and wide
endless rows of knowledge
and me in the center
in a forgotten place
only hoping it remains
accessible to all
at all times
because without these evenings
these nights
there is nowhere else to be
except surrounded and busy
tackling the to-do list
so far away from what I say is peace.

Nighttime Recuerdos

How many words?

Could it be possible
that every rhyme has been rhymed,
every combination of words written
and we are simply copying another
but at a different moment in time?
Could it be possible
that nothing is new
or has the change in our grammar
evolved us ever so slightly,
we create something different,
but the idea is renewed.
7 billion some odd people
so many words to say
quick get me a mathematician
how many combinations does that make?